English classes

English classes

I believe that one of the most valuable lessons in Bellerbys College for me was English classes, because i learned how to improve my writing and how to use academic language to write and essay. Also, I learned that how to join in froup discussions and speak about problems and trying to find solutions for that problem and how to make communication with other peoples. Also, English skills classes helped me to improve my listening and wiring. As we can know all these skills are needed to go to university, and they are the most valuable skills that we have to learn. For example, about writing, I learned to use referencing for using other’s opinion and how can I combine others view with the main.


Also, English classes help me to learn some of the skills that I need to know for IELTS exam, and this is the very important point because IELTS exam is one of my requirement to that universities asked me to have that.


In overall I enjoyed in English skills classes because without study we had some fun in class as well and that helps me to be more friendly with my classmates.




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